Corporate Wellness

If you are an organization that would like to integrate  Restorative Yoga and Hooping Classes into your Corporate Wellness Programme

That's great news! Thank you for encouraging your team members to get into healthier habits. If you would like to add Restorative Yoga and Hooping Classes to your Employee Well-being initiatives, I would love to help out! 

Yoga is so easy to integrate into any organization's Corporate Wellness Programme, all you need to do is ask your team members to bring their yoga mats, make some room in your company premises (in-doors or outdoors) and we are good to go. 

Corporate Class Package

Adding Gentle Yoga or Hooping Classes

into your Corporate Wellness Programmes

Teaching Fee for a 1-hour class :  400 USD

for a maximum group of 20 team members

additional person - 15 USD 

Yoga Classes - Students need to bring their own mats 

Hooping Classes - Hula Hoops are provided

Yoga Class for all Ages

Let me contribute to your employees' well-being.


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