Yoga Trapeze® Class Snippets

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Individual Pose Music Credit : As Leaves Fall by Iksonofficial

Mini Flow Music Credit : Beach by Jef

Story behind Audio Tutorials

The story behind audio tutorials is there aren't a lot of audio guides that you can listen to talk you through the poses. Personally when I advanced in my practice, as a student, I don't really look at how it's down anymore, but I rely on the teacher's voice to tell me what to do next. I guess this is more for those who prefers to listen to classes rather than watch classes, and yes they do exist :) So if you're one of those, like me, who rely on listening to teaching cues, these audio tutorials are for you.  This is also for teachers who want to learn how to instruct poses. 

Enjoy your daily yoga trapeze practice!


Welcome to your Yoga Trapeze Class Snippets

In total there are over 50 Audio Guides available for purchase. The class programme is divided into 4 parts : 1. On the Ground (your feet or atleast one will be on the ground), 2. On the Ground Progressions (the continuation of the poses) and 3. Off the Ground (your feet are definitely off the ground) and 4. Off the Ground Progressions (continuation of the poses). As a bonus, I included Flow Classes which stitched some poses together to give you a 'flow'.

I am gifting you with 3 On the Ground Audio Guides and 3 Off the Ground Guides to start with :) and I've included the 3 bonus flows for you to try.


On the Ground  

Off the Ground

Flow Classes

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