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Signing Up 

Here are some details you need to know before signing  up for a class package : 

1. Validity: Class purchase is valid for 1 month

2. Payment: Payment is done in person or before the start of the classes 

3. Session Attendance: The class purchase is transferrable if you cannot attend to a student as long as they do not have the health conditions mentioned below

4. Scheduling: We will always schedule your class together before you sign up and see what will work for you, also we will identify 2 back up schedules in cases you can't make it during your first preferred schedule. This is to make sure I can be available for you. If you wish to reschedule, please do so 24 hours before the class

5. Your Student Card: You'll be given your student card to keep track of how many classes you're done with because after completing 10 sessions with me, students who complete 3 classes will be given access to 3 Flow Books of the class they're enrolled into

6. Declaration of Health Condition  : No practice if the student is on pain killers (prescription or over the counter), pregnant, with stage 2 herniated discs, with cardiovascular disease, with hypertension, with glaucoma, recently went through a joint replacement, knee replacement, and other surgeries and does not have doctor's approval, has severe scoliosis, illness, and disease, hypermobility syndrome or ehlers-danlos syndrome

Students shall take full responsibility for their own health and any illness or injury that may occur during class. They cannot hold the instructor responsible in the case of an accident or illness during practice.


Preparing the body and mind

Body Prep: Have your meals 2 hours before the class. For Gravity Yoga, deep stretching can reduce power output and reduce joint stability for about 2 hours so no other exercise should be done after the class 

Mind Prep: Not everyone learns at the same pace. We will take the time required until you get comfortable

Time Prep: Come to class 10 minutes before the schedule. If you're late for your scheduled session we would need to move you to the next available time slot

Items Prep:

*All Yoga Classes water, towel, yoga mat, yoga socks

*SUP Yoga caps, Sun lotion not oil 

*Hooping classes water

Attire Tips :

Wear something you can move comfortably in :) below are just tips - 

*Gravity Yoga loose attire feels amazing when you're holding poses, as skin-tight sometimes restricts movement

*Yoga Trapeze wear something that covers your legs (cause there are some poses that will have the trapeze wrap around your legs), socks are required

*SUPYoga swim shorts, swim tops, bikini

*Hatha Yoga sports top and leggings, or shorts 

*Hooping clothing that's not made of slipperly material

Parking: Free parking is available just right next to our home

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