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Hooping Classes

So you're into yoga? Try Hooping with me too. 

When I was studying yoga, I noticed, I was drawn to classes that had fluidity in the movement, a flow in the movement, a Meditative Flow as part of how the teachers structured their classes. I found teachers that I learnt from who stitched the poses together to form a sort of dance to it and these inspired me to craft my own classes in a similar fashion. Hooping teaches you the same, to bring the moves together so they can flow together, this is why I decided to explore more and take up my own teaching certification.


I guess what I am trying to say is, if you're like me, and you want to go to a class and enjoy the class by flowing with the movement and forget about the time you spent with your practice, then Hooping may also be for you too. The movements obviously are not the same, but the principle is.

Learn about Hoop Tricks, Hoop Flows and Hoop Dance

Hooping Class Package

Private Class (my place) - 40 USD

Private Class (yours) - 100 USD

Class for 2 adults (couple or simply just a pair) - 60 USD

Class for 3 adults (ladies) - 90 USD

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