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Gravity Yoga® Classes

Required: Yoga Mats

Optional: With Yoga Blocks, Bolsters, Straps, Wheels, and Blankets


Level: No yoga experience required! As long as you want to chill, stretch and relax, this class is for you

Gravity Yoga® Classes are great for stiff hamstrings, locked-up hips, tight lower back, and tight spine. The best part about it, it uses passive stretches to increase your flexibility. Each time you complete the class, you'll feel a calm rejuvenation and your body will feel elongated, stretched and relaxed.  This class is great especially when you feel stressed and wired up, or even if you're not, it simply improves your range of movement. 

Hatha Yoga Classes

Required: Yoga Mats 

Optional: With Yoga Blocks, Wheels, Straps

Level: No yoga experience required! As long as you want to learn the Yoga Asanas / Poses, this class is for you. 

Hatha Yoga Classes are great for beginners because it's like an introduction of all yoga asanas that get integrated into the other yoga practices. It's relatively moderate-paced compared to  Ashtanga or Vinyasa classes. As you progress, the focus of the classes can be on the advanced asanas/poses but still in a moderate-paced way. If you're looking for a mat-based yoga that targets strength, flexibility, and balance, check this class out. Personally, I think Hatha Yoga is a great intro and a starting point of all other yoga practices. 

Yoga Trapeze® Classes

Required: Yoga Mats & Yoga Trapezes

Optional: With Yoga Blocks, Wheels

Level: No yoga experience required! As long as you want to have fun on the trapeze and do some funky poses; or you want the support of the trapeze and do some steady, stable and supported poses, this class is for you.

Yoga Trapeze® Classes are great if you are dealing with pain issues such as back pain, knee, and hip pain as you are supported by the trapeze to make sure you have the correct alignment and support. 

If you do not have pain issues, that's great so we can try more funky poses with the Yoga Trapeze. I love this class because it's a mix of things that allows people to relieve pain issues, develop strength, flexibility, and balance in a fun way. 

Kids & Tweens Yoga Classes

If you're a parent and would like to let your child or children try yoga along with you...

There's nothing better than learning together! There are two types of classes for your children: Kids Yoga (from ages 3 to 7 years old for mat-based classes) and Tweens Yoga (from ages 8 to 12 years old for both mat-based classes and yoga trapeze classes)

Kids Yoga classes use animal characters to engage the kids where they do animal movements which to an extent replicate some basic moves of  yoga. Expect these classes to be high in energy where kids can freely express themselves in their own way. The class do not intend to discipline kids, but intended to give them freedom to express themselves if they wish in their own unique way

Tweens Yoga classes slowly introduce the children to a gentler version of an adult yoga practice where they are taught the actual yoga poses which all lead to gentle yoga sequences

Parent-Child & Parent-Tween classes are offered as of the moment. Private classes for kids and tweens are also offered but with parent supervision. 

Exclusive kids yoga and tweens Small-Group (without parents, just kids!) yoga classes will be officially offered hopefully soon!


Want to try a Private SUPYoga Class with me?

There are limited slots available starting October 2020. 

Required: iSUP (inflatable SUP), paddles

Class Conditions: Class may be cancelled on site if it's too windy

Level: This class is best for people experienced in SUP (not necessarily an expert) and can swim in deep waters as we will paddle it out away from the crowd, open for all Yoga Levels

Class Theme: Nice & Easy Gentle Flow 


Want to try a Hoop Trick, Flow, Dance Class with me?

Required: Hula Hoop


Level: No experience required. As long as you want to flow with the hoop, this class is for you

Hoop Dance Classes are simply a lot of fun. We start by focusing on individual hoop tricks, progressing into mini hoop flows that combine hoop tricks together, then we advance into hoop dances where we put together mini flows to put together a hoop dance


Every now and then I host events that I enjoy doing to share with any student who equally enjoys the same movement or topic

Required: My events are published over at Eventbrite, you need your own log in or get my event tickets as a guest. 

Events Listed : 

1. Yoga at the Park 

2. In Qi : Sharing my Qi Gong Practice 

3. Learn How to Hoop

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