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Hatha Yoga, Gravity Yoga, Yoga Trapeze or all of them?

I've tried a lot of yoga classes and pilates classes in the past 10 years. Hatha Yoga, Gravity Yoga, and Yoga Trapeze turned out to be my favorites as I find them most easy on the body, the least concerned about how the poses would look like. Perhaps they share a common intention to just "find what feels good for your body" so in effect you get to work through a gentle process that eventually leads you to progress in your practice. So that's why, I decided to complete my teacher certification to learn more, be able to continue my home practice and teach others. I'd say try the discovery classes first so you too can discover your path if you haven't figured it all out.  I can't wait to welcome you to my private yoga space at home.

Private Yoga Space, Yoga Studios, or both?

Before I decided to start my own private yoga space at home for myself and others, I've attended Hatha Yoga, Gravity Yoga (also called Yin Yoga in the local studios) and Yoga Trapeze (also called Swing Yoga) regularly with my favorite local yoga studios.

Well, the poses would be the same, the yoga props and necessary pieces of equipment are the same and teachers go through the same certification for these classes so that we are prepared to teach you properly.


Perhaps the main difference is the number of people in each class.  Some people like to be part of a big group, some prefer a smaller group to practice yoga. It really depends on what you like and where you are most comfortable. My Yoga Trapeze, Hatha and Gravity Yoga Classes are just for maximum 3 people, so pretty much it won't be crowded, I can focus on you entirely and it could be a class can be scheduled with people you are most comfortable with like your friends, parents, partner, husband, wife or children.

As a student, I still go to classes with my favorite yoga and pilates studios for Hot Yoga, Reformer and Cadillac Pilates Classes because I simply do not have the equipment for these, and I still enjoy going to these classes and learning from other teachers. 

As an instructor, you can also catch me at Naya Yoga & Pilates teaching their Yin Yoga (Gravity Yoga) Classes sometimes!

So personally as a student and as an instructor, I do both! 

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Why Choose Hatha Yoga, Gravity Yoga and Yoga Trapeze

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The main reason why Hatha Yoga, Gravity Yoga (Yin Yoga) and Yoga Trapeze (Swing Yoga) are my favorites is that they're easy on the body and at the same time you still get to gradually increase your strength and flexibility. These practices teach you to be gentle, take care of your body and do only what feels good. I had knee injuries (yes both) 3 years ago, and these classes (aside from doing what the doctor prescribed) helped me recover. Oh, Bikram Yoga and Reformer Classes helped too! 

Everyone is welcome to my yoga space at my home.