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Discover Your Path

Figuring out the class for you

I enjoy classes which are very easy on the body, and the least concerned about how the poses would look like. Perhaps they share a common intention to just "find what feels good for your body" so in effect you get to work through a gentle process that eventually leads you to progress in your practice. So that's why, I decided to complete my teacher certification to learn more, be able to continue my home practice and teach others. 

Private Yoga Space, Yoga Studios, or both?

Before I decided to start my own private yoga space at home for myself and others, I visited a number of local studios regularly. 


Perhaps the main difference is the number of people in each class.  Some people like to be part of a big group, some prefer a smaller group to practice yoga. Some people prefer to meet strangers, some people prefer to practice with people who they already know. It really depends on what you like and where you are most comfortable. 

Thanks for popping in

Here are some gifts for you to take along with your practice, write to me to request access :)

Download the brochure 

Everyone is welcome to my yoga space at my home. 

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