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Yoga Class Reviews

Here are what some of the regular students have to say about their classes

What do you think about the classes? 

"Jardine came at the height of our requirement to have a Corporate Wellness Strategy. Each of our employees enjoyed the Gravity Yoga class she offered and continuously offer to us. On behalf of everyone who has attended her class, we enjoy having her teach us yoga as part of our fitness journey. We look forward to more sessions with Jardine."

Kenneth V. 

Corporate Yoga Client

"I love our private classes. Jardine really focuses on your alignment and posture and she corrects you. Personally find it better than being a class in a studio."

Jen C.

Private Yoga Client - Hatha Yoga 

"It's a nice thing to do as a couple especially after a long day at work. You get to laugh with each other or be serious about it, it's really upto you. Jardine takes it easy and customizes her approach depending on our mood for that day. Also! You just get on up and get that spinal stretch you deserve!"

Gaby T. & Sara T.

Couples Yoga Client - Yoga Trapeze 

"My son adores Jardine. She has a great way of connecting with kids I must say! I thought at the beginning it won't be safe too, after attending the discovery class, we were more comfortable to have Tyler join more classes. My wife attends her Gravity Yoga Classes along with her friends and sometimes she joins us with our YT classes. It's a fun thing to do as a family. Keep it up!"

Jonathon D. & Tyler D. 

Parent - Child Client - Yoga Trapeze 

"My first yoga class in my life and I am so happy I did it with Jardine. She is just so patient and teaches with so much energy it's contagious! Sometimes you think you can't do it but she really encourages you to do more than what you think you can do. I signed up for more classes with my girlfriends cause she's just the best!"

Macey S.

Ladies Group Mixed Classes (Hatha, Gravity & Yoga Trapeze)

"The public classes are like private classes with the level of attention that Jardine gives to each student. I've attended the Gentle, Balanced and Strong Flow classes for all yoga classes she offers and I love them all."

Anastacia G.

Small Group Public Classes 

"I thought maybe video classes won't work or online classes, but the way Jardine teaches will help you understand what you have to do and follow well. I like how she breaks down each pose and offer a lot of options for you when she sees you struggling sometimes. I miss her classes but definitely online or video classes are done as if she is there next to you. Love them!"

Stacey F.

Video Tutorial Classes / Online Classes

Yoga Discovery Class Reviews

Here are what some of the  Discovery Class students have to say about their first time to try the classes

What do you think of your 30-minute Discovery Class / Video Gift Classes

"Very personal and based on our needs"

"Very good tutor explained everything and went through each step. Jardine made us feel comfortable and helped achieve each pose. Made my back feel better even after 1 session."

"Explanation and presentation are good. It increases the flexibility of the body. Also the strength."

"The class was very well organized and implemented, the trainer was really good who supported everyone. the best part was, trainer was correcting the posture."

"Very interactive session , liked the way you explained each postures."

"It was very relaxing, we really enjoyed the class and wish to continue."

"I really like Jardine (yourself) she was really great at starting with my breathing techniques. The mixture of classes I tried in the discovery class was great and really opened my eyes to all different types of yoga. I loved the mat work to help me stretch and relax and thought the trapeze was really fun! I think just figure out which type of class is best for me :-)"

Various Discovery Class Students

Discovery Class Students (Private & Corporate)

"Thank you for offering free classes during these times the whole world is experiencing a pandemic. My family follows her classes."

"Jardine, this is extremely thoughtful and very much appreciated."

"Thank you, I like short classes very much! I want to try trapeze next time please."

"I did the Hatha one was great, I love your dog gets involved. Thank you for another great class online! Will keep repeating them to try and get more flexible!"

"We hope to meet you in person for the classes, thank you very much for your Gift Classes for everyone." 

"Thank you for regularly posting your updates to the community page, otherwise I wouldn't have known about these free classes."

"Jardiiiiine, we miss your classes, but it's nice to see you online! Go online, her dog will also practice with you :P"

Various Gift Class Students

Yoga Video Gift Classes

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